Plan your Florida vacation around weather

If you’re taking a trip to Florida, knowing what the weather is going to be like will be a very vital for a successful holiday. Like nearly all of North America the weather can be somewhat unpredictable, but it definitely has patterns which will provide strong indicators even when you’re planning months beforehand. Northern and central Florida can get chilly during the winter season.

Key West Florida Hurricane Dennis Weather

When considering what sort of weather you may encounter on your Florida holiday, remember that the state extends north and south for more than 500 miles. With most of Florida also being influenced by maritime conditions, there’ll be enormous differences in climate conditions across the nation. North and central Florida extending south into the Orlando/Tampa area is considered humid subtropical. South Florida, on the other hand has a tropical climate. This means that temperatures will remain relatively constant throughout the year and seasonal variations will be dominated by precipitation.

The holiday months of June through September are also the rainy months. They lead in the hurricane season of August through October, which definitely differ from year to year. When planning your holiday hurricanes aren’t a reason to avoid Florida during the summer in my estimation. There’s absolutely no way to accurately predict long-term when or where a hurricane may strike, and unless you’re heading there on a last minute trip the little prospect of being affected by a hurricane on vacation is small. If you are in Florida and there’s a threat, with weather forecasting the way it is you will have plenty of time to respond to volatile conditions.

The 1 thing you need to be very conscious of in Florida, especially when spending time outside at the beach, golf course or amusement parks is the danger of lightning. There are numerous deaths annually from lightning strikes, and they often come with zero warning. They can happen any time during the year, however, are most prevalent during the summer months.

It’s interesting to note, however, that since 1992 even with all the exploding population in Florida deaths from lightning strikes have been gradually dropping. This is most likely because of greater awareness with dangers with better and lightning warnings to the public when lightning is possible. But it is up to individuals to properly react to these warning signals, and if you are coming to Florida you should be very conscious of how harmful lightning is.

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